Completion Equipment

WellRx provides completion options with a broad range of products to meet every application, from the most basic to the extreme. Fully integrated and engineered, these products add up to an infinitely configurable, highly practical system for completion optimization.

Our quality assurance program meets API standards and ISO/9000 requirements to ensure superior inspection methods, materials, testing, and product design.

Completion Packers

From mechanical-set, hydraulic-set and wireline-set multistring and feed-through packers to permanent and retrievable sealbore packers.

Completion Accessories

Whole range of Completion Accessories like Expansion Joints, Chemical Injection Systems, WEG, Flow Couplings, Crossovers, Pup-Joints, tubing Anchors, Torque Anchors etc.

Flow Control Systems

Flow Control is the ability to regulate or prevent the flow of fluids or gases in the wellbore, and flow controls are the devices used to perform those functions. Flow control is required throughout the life of the well.