Completion Accessories

WellRx offers an extensive array of completion tubular accessories to customize the well completions and mitigate risk for the life of the well. Our products resolve issues related to tubing movement, scale buildup, corrosion, erosion, selective production, zonal isolation, intelligent completions, and more.

The WellRx Portfolio

  • Polished Bore Receptacles (PBR): WellRx “ALID” Series Polished Bore Receptacles
  • Expansion Joint: WellRx “VITAT” Series Expansion Joints
  • Shear Out Safety Joint: WellRx “VAPR” Series Shear Out Safety Joints
  • Chemical Injection System: WellRx “RASAN” Series Chemical Injection System
  • T2 On-Off Tool: WellRx “SAPR” Series On-Off Tool
  • Hydro Trip Subs: WellRx “PRAVAS” Series Hydro Trip Subs
  • Pump Out Plugs: WellRx “APAG” Series Pump Out Plugs
  • Wireline Entry Guide/Indexing Mule Shoe: WellRx “PATH” Series Wireline Entry Guide
  • O-Ring Seal Sub: WellRx “VART” O-Ring Seal Shoe
  • Flow Couplings: WellRx “SAJ” Series Flow Couplings
  • Pup Joints: WellRx “ARUS” Series Pup Joints
  • Crossovers: WellRx “VIYAT” Series Pup Joints
  • Perforated Liners: WellRx “AVAT” Series Perforated Liners
  • Blast Joints: WellRx “VISP” Series Blast Joints
  • Bull Nose: WellRx “VRSA” Series Bull Nose
  • Tubing Anchor: WellRx “ANLA-D” Series Hydraulic Tubing Anchor
  • Torque Anchor: WellRx “INLAG” Series Tubing Anchor