Flow Control Systems

WellRx Flow Control systems include a wide range of long-established, industry standard flow control equipment, including sliding sleeves, nipples, lock mandrels, plugs, standing valves and every flow control accessory. Where the traditional components for the system fall short of current performance criteria, for example lock mandrels with hinged trailing dogs, WellRx provides modern, fully engineered, retrofit equipment to suit the downhole nipple profile in question. Where a particular flow control item proves to provide superior performance, WellRx has engineered that solution for use across the whole range of industry standard profiles, ensuring the best performance from the available technology. Standard Flow Controls are the appropriate choice for conventional, economical, flow control requirements.

The WellRx Portfolio

  • Sliding Sleeves: WellRx “RIGDOR” Series Sliding Sleeve
  • Landing Nipples: WellRx “VRNT” Series Landing Nipples
  • Flow Control Accessories: WellRx “PRAH” Series Flow Control Accessories