Liner Systems

Liner systems help reduce CAPEX by eliminating the need to extend a single, long casing string to the top of the wellbore. A liner hanger allows the liner (casing below the liner hanger) to be suspended in the previous casing string to reduce material cost and provide completion solution options. A seal is required at the top of the liner hanger to prevent transfer of fluid or pressures from either direction. This seal can be in the form of an integral expandable liner hanger or by means of a liner packer.

WellRx has vast portfolio of Liner Systems to cover all types of well environments: Hydraulic, Mechanical and our patented Specialized Liner Systems and associated Deployment Tools and Accessories.

  • Hydraulic Liner Systems
  • Mechanical Liner Systems
  • Specialized Liner Systems
  • Liner Top Packers
  • Tie Back Equipment
  • Landing Collar and Floats
  • Running Tool and Accessories