Mechanical Running Tool

WellRx “SABH-1” Mechanical Running Tool


The WellRx SABH-1 MECHANICAL RUNNING TOOL is designed to run and set a liner. A set of spring loaded dogs can be added to the standard tool so that liners equipped with weight set liner packers on top, can also be run and set in one go.The Bottom Connection of the SABH-1 MECHANICAL RUNNING TOOL setting has an 8 Round connection to allow any of the four types of cementing pack-off assemblies to be utilized. A splined floating nut with external left hand acme threads is made up in the liner setting sleeve or liner packer and carries the liner assembly into the hole. A ball bearing assembly above the floating nut supports the weight of the run in string while the setting tool is being released with right hand rotation from the liner setting sleeve or liner packer.


  1. Used to run left-hand set mechanical and hydraulic set hangers
  2. Ball bearing race/floating nut system ensures positive release from liner top
  3. Drill pipe thread at top
  4. Accepts all types of cementing pack-Off assemblies
  5. Optional packer setting dogs incorporated in main body
  6. Full strength mandrel to carry long, heavy liners to depth
  7. Setting tool is released with right hand rotation, therefore, less danger of backing off the drill pipe