Retrievable Bridge Plugs

WellRx “PHA” Series Retrievable Bridge Plugs

The WellRx “PHA” Series Retrievable Bridge Plug is a wireline set retrievable plug capable of holding pressure from above and below. PHA may be set on conventional wireline or hydraulic packer-setting tools. The short design is east to retrieve on tubing, coil tubing or sandline by using the appropriate retrieval tool. When the retrieving tool engages the top of the bridge plug, the equalizing valve opens before the bridge plug is released, preventing the bridge plug from moving with differential pressure.


  1. Wireline, Hydraulic or Coil Tubing Set.
  2. Caged Bi-Directional Slips.
  3. Equalizing valve opens before plug is released.
  4. Straight pull release.
  5. Overshot will wash to gauge ring for easy retrieval.
  6. Rotational safety release mechanism.
  7. Swab resistant packing element system.


  1. Acidizing, fracturing and cementing.
  2. Casing pressure testing.
  3. Wellhead repair or replacement.
  4. Zonal isolation.