Service Packers

WellRx “KRTY” Service Packers

The WellRx “KRTY” Compression-Set Service Packer is extremely versatile service packer designed to sustain the harshness of extreme well environments. It can be used in varied set of operations including testing, treating, and squeeze cement. KRTY Packer features locks on all internal connections, which allows the extreme torque to transmit.


  1. Hold-Down buttons with higher OD reduces casing damage Sustenance to high torque allowing manipulation of RIH String/Drill Pipe.
  2. Availability of varied sizes.
  3. Smooth and simple operation.
  4. Higher hang-off weight supports due to heavy-duty mandrel.
  5. Standard connections.
  6. Torque transmission through rotationally locked end connections.
  7. Standard jay system.


  1. Drill Stem Testing and production testing.
  2. Cement squeeze and treating operations.
  3. Storm packer applications.