Storm Valve

WellRx “VIC” Storm Valve

The WellRx “VIC” Series Storm Valves is run above the KRTY service packer to isolate the tubing below the packer for disconnection during a weather emergency or surface equipment repair. The running string is disconnected by 15 left turns, and then the valve closes automatically. This quick, safe, cost-effective well closing requires no tubing pulling. The valve has an expandable plug that provides through-bore access for circulation or wireline passage. After the string is reconnected, the valve opens automatically to equalize pressure for packer retrieval.


  1. The rugged alloy-steel construction ensures dependability.
  2. The simple, field-proven design eases valve operation and redressing.
  3. The expandable plug provides through-bore access for circulation and wirelines.
  4. The valve equalizes automatically during string reconnection, enabling fast packer retrieval.


  1. BOP Repairs.
  2. Wellhead Repairs.
  3. Weather Emergencies.