Unloader Valve

WellRx “PID” Unloader Valve

The WellRx “PID” Unloader Valve is an associated tool for the WellRx KRTY Service Packer. The Equalizing Flow Valve is multifunction valve as it facilitates a way of equalizing tubing and annulus pressures as well as a bypass. In order to reduce the effect of fluid swabbing action when the equipment is run in or pulled out of the hole, a packer bypass is used. The valve has been designed to operate under harsh conditions.


  1. Backup rings on O-rings seal for high pressure and temperature.
  2. Standard connections.
  3. Right hand turn to open and right hand turn to close.
  4. Standard automatic jay mechanism.
  5. High-torque rating for manipulating heavy drill pipe into tight spots.
  6. Wide range of sizes available.
  7. Heavy-duty mandrel supports high hang-off weights.
  8. Smooth and simple operation.


  1. Drill stem and Production Testing
  2. HPHT Testing and Treating Operations.