Wellbore Cleanup Tools

WellRx “ATARP” Series Wellbore Cleanup Tools

Debris and residues left in the wellbore from drilling or production activities can result in reduced productivity or even significant non-productive time (NPT) for the operators. WellRx “ATARP” Series wellbore clean up tools are designed to maximize debris recovery from the wellbore and eliminate potential issues further into the well’s lifecycle.

ATARP Tool Series includes:

  1. ATARP Casing Scraper
  2. ATARP Brush Tool
  3. ATARP Waste Retriever Tool
  4. ATARP Drift Sub
  5. ATARP Wellhead Jet Tool
  6. ATARP Jetted Bullnose
  7. ATARP Magnet Tool
  8. ATARP Flow Check Sub
  9. WellRx “KRTY” Service Packer
  10. WellRx “Equalizing Flow Valve”