Deep Gas Lift

WellRx “GURV” Deep Gas Lift System

The WellRx “GURV” Deep Gas Lift delivers gas lift regardless of completion packer setting depth. GURV system can be set across an existing gas lift mandrel to deliver lift gas deeper into the wellbore, or it can be used to straddle a punched hole within a completion to allow a well to be converted to gas lift without the need to perform a workover on the well. GURV consists of a lower packer with slotted joint and PBR. The lift-gas string is attached to the bottom of the PBR and then run in the hole. After the lower packer is set, an upper packer with spacer pipe, crossflow sub, gas injection tube and anchor latch seal assembly is run in the well. The packers straddle the gas-lift mandrel or punched holes. Lift gas is directed from the casing-tubing annulus into the crossflow sub, down the gas-injection tube, and into the lift-gas string. Production enters thru the slotted joint and up through the crossflow sub, continuing to surface through the production tubing.

  1. The WellRx GURV deep gas lift system enables deeper gas injection than is conventionally possible, delivering lift gas closer to the perforations to increase production and extend the life of the well.
  2. The entire system can be installed with coiled tubing, making this a rigless solution that helps lower operational costs.
  3. Optimized flow areas reduce back pressure for increased production.
  4. Compliant in gas wells.
  5. It is fully retrievable, to enable future interventions.


  1. Extending the reach of lift gas deep beyond the setting depth of the completion packer.
  2. Converting well to gas lift without need of a rig workover.