Through Tubing Milling

WellRx Through Tubing Milling System

WellRx offers a wide array of common mills and bits, including specialized designs. These, along with a rugged motor designed to handle harsh conditions in horizontal wells, simplify the process of milling plugs, valves, concrete, etc. When faced with a long lateral and multiple stages in plug and perf operation, you need a thru-tubing milling provider that can get to the toe of the well, on time and on plan. We offer a full range of milling tools and techniques for through-tubing milling intervention. Whether there is loose junk in the well (bit cones, tong dies, packers, etc.) or stuck pipe, we can get the well back on line safely and efficiently. Our ability to source the right milling tool for the job—coupled with our expertise—can get the plug-and-perf wells on production reliably, and can solve obstruction problems safely and predictably.