TT Packers

WellRx “AKSAT” Series TT Packers

The WellRx “AKSAT” Series packer is a large-bore tool that can be used in a variety of intervention applications and is run on coiled-tubing, slickline, and wireline as well as conventional tubing in existing completion strings. As the result of running thru tubing, this packer passes ID restrictions (such as nipple sealbores, sliding sleeves, safety valves and other tubing mounted devices), and is then set – packing off (bridging) large extrusion gaps and sealing against high pressure at high temperature. AKSAT provides superior sealing ability during pressure reversals and changes in temperature – conditions that often cause conventional packers to leak.


  1. Large bore provides an optimized flow area, increasing production volume
  2. Converts into a one-trip straddle system, facilitating intervention operations
  3. Capabilities enable high-pressure operation providing operational flexibility.
  4. Multiple conveyance methods enhance operational versatility, promoting WidePak II use in remote or costly locations.
  5. Straight-pull, low-force release provides easy retrieval, making this tool ideal for use in deviated or horizontal applications.


  1. Used to straddle perforations, tubing connections, corroded tubing, and other tools in the tubing string to provide zonal shutoff or to control flow or leaks.
  2. Well suited for mono-bore wells that require screen hang-offs and tubing extensions.
  3. Used with a safety valve to replace and original malfunctioning valve in the tubing string.