Tubing Pack-Off

WellRx “NABA” Series tubing Pack-off

The WellRx “NABA” Series Pack Off is a wire line-retrievable tool used to isolate and control communication between the tubing and the annulus. The TP pack off is used
primarily to install gas-lift equipment in wells without a side-pocket mandrel. It is also used to isolate and patch a hole in the tubing or to isolate a leaking gas-lift mandrel or valve. NABA pack offs are usually run and retrieved on wire line. The pack offs use an elastomer-type element to seal in the ID of the production tubing. Standard tubing stops hold pack off assemblies in place and help to maintain seal compression. Accessory equipment includes stingers, receptacles, and spacer pipe for longer isolation intervals and for running the upper and lower assemblies separately.


  1. The positive-lock ratchet mechanism maintains compression on packing elements, ensuring proper down hole installation of the tool.
  2. The internal GS-type running and pulling neck provides a larger flow area.
  3. Aluminum shear pins prevent premature setting during running operations.
  4. The packing element returns to its original shape when relaxed, thereby easing removal by eliminating drag and rolling of the packing element during pulling operations.
  5. Packs off parts are keyed, allowing proper redressing of the pack off in the field by one person, without special tools.
  6. The standard packing element is made of 90-durometer VITON® for optimal durability and sealing characteristics. Other packing element materials are available for special applications.
  7. Optional stinger and receptacle allow separate running of the upper and lower seal assemblies and can also be used to run multiple sections of spacer pipe.


  1. Pack offs are used to isolate holes in the tubing.
  2. They are used to install tubing-retrievable gas-lift valves in wells in which a gas-lift system was not originally installed.
  3. Tubing pack offs are also used to replace leaking gas-lift mandrels or valves.