Tubing Patches

WellRx “KARP” Series Tubing Patches

The WellRx “KARP” Series Tubing Patch System is used to isolate zones, perforation intervels or leak points. Post patch installation, the segments above and below the zones/intervels are connected with spacer pipes to create an effective patch that will by-pass the zone/interval. Patches are used for temporary or permanent isolation. The large packer throughbore enables maximum production after setting, and it permits access for a wide variety of intervention operations. KARP system can be run on coiled or jointed tubing and electric line with most common hydraulic and e-line setting tools.


  1. A large bore provides optimized flow area for increased production and facilitates intervention operations through the straddle.
  2. A sliding sleeve can be incorporated between elements to enable selective zonal isolation.
  3. The patch deployment packer can be installed and retrieved on slick line, braided line, or coiled tubing in a single trip, minimizing downtime.
  4. Multiple conveyance methods for the packer enhance operational efficiency and promote its use in remote or costly offshore operations.


  1. Temporary or permanent zonal/interval isolation.
  2. Leak isolation.
  3. Deviated and horizontal wellbores.