Tubing Stop

WellRx “NAVI” Series Tubing Stop

The WellRx “NAVI” Series Tubing Stop is a wire line-retrievable tool used in conjunction with WellRx NABA-Series Tubing pack off. NAVI-series Tubing stop utilizing a slip cone combination that’s locks stop in tubing ID and prevent any movement in either direction. NAVI Series Tubing Stop are usually run and retrieved on wire line. The Tubing Stop usually run in lock position with shear pin that’s break by jar down operation during Pack Off retrievable. Standard tubing stops hold pack off assemblies in place and help to maintain seal compression.


  1. Hold upper and lower assemblies in place.
  2. Set at desired place in tubing.
  3. Can stop movement in either direction.
  4. Slip cone design provide reliable stop in tubing.
  5. Internal fish neck provide more ID for maximum flow.
  6. Only operate with jar down.


  1. Can be used to retain wellbore pressure, this is typically done in the case when there are an absence of profile landing nipples in the wellbore, or when these cannot be accessed.
  2. Can also be ran as a straddle pack off to isolate the tubing string if there is suspected damage or unwanted communication between the annulus and tubing string.
  3. Single Point Gas Lift installation.