Velocity String

WellRx “VESU” Velocity String System

The WellRx “VESU” Series Velocity String System is a small-diameter tubing string run inside the production tubing of a well as a remedial treatment to resolve liquid-loading problems. As the reservoir pressure in a gas well depletes, there may be insufficient velocity to transport all liquids from the wellbore. In time these liquids accumulate and impair production. Installing a velocity string reduces the flow area and increases the flow velocity to enable liquids to be carried from the wellbore. Velocity strings are commonly run using coiled tubing as a velocity string conduit. Safe live-well working and rapid mobilization enable coiled tubing velocity strings to provide a cost effective solution to liquid loading in gas wells.

VESU System comes armed with all ingredients and variations: Velocity String Hanger Packer, Deployment Tools, LTSA, Stinger etc.